Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bringing Up the Brats

Here is the Big Announcement - we are starting a new blog! Almost 2 years ago Bill started "Bringing Home Michelle" to document our story as we waited for Michelle and traveled to get her. I felt like it was his blog and didn't really write much those first few months. But something happened while in China - I wanted to share our story as well. The friends we have made through the blog world have really impacted our lives! Your encouragement, comments, support have meant the world to us.

I realized a while ago that while I wanted to continue blogging, I wanted to include our whole family. We have 4 great children, and I felt like this blog was really only for Michelle. I asked the kids months ago about a couple of names, and when I mentioned this one they loved it! You will have to check out the new blog to see why we choose that name.

We will keep this blog up for a while. I hope old friends might wander by and want to get in touch, and if our story of how Michelle came to our family is a help to anyone it is worth leaving it here.

We hope you will come join us at our new blog! Click here
- that's the link to "Bringing Up the Brats".

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